2d-and-3d Animation services

Well, luckily with animation, training is friendly

In, an animated video we present the content in a very innovative manner as animation catches a large audience irrespective of the age. It may or may not include a narrator. Since, these images are catchy, the message stays in the readers mind for a long time and has more effect when compared to the other ways of learning.

With the growing complexities in the corporate world, it is really hard for a trainee to cope with the training process or for an individual to know more about a product. That’s where we like to march in, and make this process easy with the help of our animated services. We believe and also ensure that our animated module catches the attention of the crowd and has its effect long lasting. Age is just a number and after all who doesn’t like animation?

Types of Animation

Well, animation takes a few form. We have traditional animation, or stop motion animation and lastly 2D and 3D animation services. There is a slight difference between the 2D and 3D services that we provide here. 2D has existed from past so many decades and it involves animated images one after another in different form. They are usually flat. But, 3D is quite different. It gives a realistic look to the image.

At Edufic, our animation experts create the image either by using the traditional animations tools and techniques or by using adobe services, Maya 3D, we create the best and most efficient animated learning modules.

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