Bite Size Learning

Looking for the perfect size? We’ve got bite size.

With reference to E-learning bite size means, small or brief content that would engage the learner with the information. Since, it is the era of digitalisation and smart phones are the pivot around which information technology revolves, it is easy to transfer data from one device to another.

An average learner can grasp, small information at a time easily. It becomes hard for a person to listen to someone at a stretch. After 90-120 minutes our alertness starts to dwindle. We urge for rest or recharge. This is why, we give you small amount of information at regular intervals of time which not only keeps you engaged but also interested in the subject matter.


With bite-size, less is more. Short, regular periods of high-intensity exercise gets you fitter and faster than endurance training. Our job isn’t just to help participants learn; it is also to help them solve real-world problems. Bite size is more like Google. Ask the question, get the answer. Similarly, learn what’s required, learn in detail, and learn to the point.

We make sure that the entire course is transferred to the learner in detail even though in bite size. Bite size learning may include, small videos, illustrations, texts, images of the particular topic. As the size is small we ensure that content to be delivered is short, precise and to the point.

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