Digital Learning

Keep learning, keep digitalising!

People around the world increasing learn online, this module or way of learning is more convenient when compared to the other modules. Digital e-learning refers to the process of learning with the aid of digital content, platform or facilitators. The use of any electronic to assist in the acquisition and development of knowledge and understanding to demonstrable and positively influence behaviour.

There is a slight or very less difference between e-learning and digital e-learning. We understand that, while e-learning refers to the world of education, digital e-learning has to do something with the business sector. With the help of digital learning, we bring together all the practices of corporate training under one training module.

Need for Digitalisation:

After globalization, privatization, liberalization it is now time for digitalisation. Innovation keeps life going. We ensure that learning is made efficient with the help of digital modules and that the objective of the company is covered so that its employees gets the best training. To make digital learning more efficient, we create an up-to-date knowledge map of the targeted learning groups along with a solid understanding of the company’s current technical capabilities

At Edufic, from, Gamification to webinars to simulations to video-based learning to course & content development to e-learning, corporate, K12 and higher education, content organization solutions to domains to high-end 2D&3D animations everything is created in the term digital e-learning and is processed with the help of digital facilitators.

Tools: Adobe- after effects, edge suits, flash prof, design suits, captivate, and Articulate storyline 2 and Lectora.

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