E-Learning Gamification

You hear, you forget? You see, you remember? You play, you understand

In general, Gamification is nothing but engaging the employees or learners in video games with the basic motive to encourage them to learn and understand better. It is that process of learning where, the employee by playing -understands the need of the company and showcases his skills to the management. We design such games, keeping in mind the companies requirements and needs. Thus leadership, strategy making, critical situation handling skills etc, are part of a particular game designed for a company.

We ensure that these, competitive computer-based games serve both employer and employee by improving productivity and positively impacting business results. Games incentivize employees to learn and accomplish more skills, which raises competency levels throughout an organization. Gaming is also applied to boost knowledge and loyalty among customers, channel partners and other stakeholders.

Importance of Gaming

Education and Training is really in the midst of reinventing itself and Gamification is not going to drive that, but it's going to play a key role in how it is delivered in the future. We believe that Gamification will play a major role in what is going to be the ultimate key for Learning and Development in any organization, irrespective of any external factors.

At Edufic, we incorporate all the elements of competition, pressure, discovery, free spirit, creativity, challenge, cooperation, understanding, and mechanics and create the perfect learning module for our clients. Gamification is fun. Gamification is on the run.

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