e-learning Simulation Games

Need to adapt? Need to learn? Learn to simulate.

To understand the situation, we need to be in one. Often people guarantee an easy solution to a problem without actually knowing the scenario and try showcasing their skills. We are here to put such people to test and get the best out of them. We create games and simulation that deceit the real life situation and hence put the learner in that situation and give the management to a chance to understand the trainers, learning ability, decision making skills and ability to handle a hypothetical and challenging situation. Keeping in mind the requirements of the company we make such simulation which is not only engaging but also challenging.

The motive behind simulation is to give the learner the sense of realism in the task he's doing or making him understand the training process better. Practicality is better than theory, and in simulation, practical methods are put to use to understand the environment better.

Need For Use of Simulation:

For instance, let us ruminate the health sector, every life is important, and no one has the right to risk another's life. Every day a new person enters the area of health, and it is imperative to test his skills before putting it into use. Thus, when we put a trainee of the health sector in a situation where a life is at risk, we instantly get to know how he adapts to that situation and how he would be contributing in saving another's life, BUT, we cannot practically put him in such a situation. The best alternative is to virtually put him in such a position, and test his skills.

Here's where simulation comes to existence. It checks for the ability of the trainee, without risking or destroying anything or anyone. At Edufic, we not only make a simulation, but we also make simulation fun!

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