Micro Learning

Learning is through a telescope. Understanding is only through micro-scope

Like we know, micro refers to anything that is small or is narrow! Basically, in detail. Micro learning is that process of learning where the content is broken down into small parts, and studied in detail and has an impact of specialization. Micro learning in the recent times has gained popularity, so much that students to employees to employers to instructors have been using this mode of learning to get educated and trained.

Need for Micro Learning

As humans, we tend to get distracted very soon. But with help of micro learning we give short, small and to the point content to the learner and ensure learning is made easy. We focus on the key points and create the learning module so as, the basic objective and the goal is reached easily.

At Edufic, we believe in using the resources to the maximum in order to achieve better results. Thus by optimisation of resources, we use the help of certain tools to deliver the micro content. They are in forms of presenter video, animated videos, and curriculum designing, content development and so on.

Tools: Bite size videos, infographics, simple presenter video

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